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/* soapreserveProxy.h
Generated by gSOAP 2.8.28 from Service.h
gSOAP XML Web services tools
Copyright (C) 2000-2016, Robert van Engelen, Genivia Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The soapcpp2 tool and its generated software are released under the GPL.
This program is released under the GPL with the additional exemption that
compiling, linking, and/or using OpenSSL is allowed.
A commercial use license is available from Genivia Inc.,
#ifndef soapreserveProxy_H
#define soapreserveProxy_H
#include "soapH.h"
class SOAP_CMAC reserveProxy : public soap
{ public:
/// Endpoint URL of service 'reserveProxy' (change as needed)
const char *soap_endpoint;
/// Variables globally declared in Service.h (non-static)
/// Constructor
/// Copy constructor
reserveProxy(const reserveProxy& rhs);
/// Construct from another engine state
reserveProxy(const struct soap&);
/// Constructor with endpoint URL
reserveProxy(const char *url);
/// Constructor with engine input+output mode control
reserveProxy(soap_mode iomode);
/// Constructor with URL and input+output mode control
reserveProxy(const char *url, soap_mode iomode);
/// Constructor with engine input and output mode control
reserveProxy(soap_mode imode, soap_mode omode);
/// Destructor deletes deserialized data and engine context
virtual ~reserveProxy();
/// Initializer used by constructors
virtual void reserveProxy_init(soap_mode imode, soap_mode omode);
/// Create a new copy
virtual reserveProxy *copy() SOAP_PURE_VIRTUAL;
/// Copy assignment
reserveProxy& operator=(const reserveProxy&);
/// Delete all deserialized data (with soap_destroy and soap_end)
virtual void destroy();
/// Delete all deserialized data and reset to default
virtual void reset();
/// Disables and removes SOAP Header from message
virtual void soap_noheader();
/// Put SOAP Header in message
virtual void soap_header(std::string *ns2__chargeBoxIdentity, char *wsa5__MessageID, struct wsa5__RelatesToType *wsa5__RelatesTo, struct wsa5__EndpointReferenceType *wsa5__From, struct wsa5__EndpointReferenceType *wsa5__ReplyTo, struct wsa5__EndpointReferenceType *wsa5__FaultTo, char *wsa5__To, char *wsa5__Action, struct chan__ChannelInstanceType *chan__ChannelInstance);
/// Get SOAP Header structure (NULL when absent)
virtual const SOAP_ENV__Header *soap_header();
/// Get SOAP Fault structure (NULL when absent)
virtual const SOAP_ENV__Fault *soap_fault();
/// Get SOAP Fault string (NULL when absent)
virtual const char *soap_fault_string();
/// Get SOAP Fault detail as string (NULL when absent)
virtual const char *soap_fault_detail();
/// Close connection (normally automatic, except for send_X ops)
virtual int soap_close_socket();
/// Force close connection (can kill a thread blocked on IO)
virtual int soap_force_close_socket();
/// Print fault
virtual void soap_print_fault(FILE*);
#ifndef WITH_LEAN
/// Print fault to stream
virtual void soap_stream_fault(std::ostream&);
/// Put fault into buffer
virtual char *soap_sprint_fault(char *buf, size_t len);
/// Web service operation 'ReserveNow' (returns error code or SOAP_OK)
virtual int ReserveNow(ns1__ReserveNowRequest *ns1__reserveNowRequest, ns1__ReserveNowResponse &ns1__reserveNowResponse) { return this->ReserveNow(NULL, NULL, ns1__reserveNowRequest, ns1__reserveNowResponse); }
virtual int ReserveNow(const char *endpoint, const char *soap_action, ns1__ReserveNowRequest *ns1__reserveNowRequest, ns1__ReserveNowResponse &ns1__reserveNowResponse);
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